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Scented Lamps & Oils

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Our variety of scented lamps provide not only an aromatic environment to your home, room, or office, they are also unique styles for different decor. They come hand in hand with our scented oils. We sell numerous aromatic oils 1/2 oz. to offer the scent that you most love. We carry two brands, Body Relax & Scented Oils.  

Our deliveries are all handled speedily and with care. It's important to us to give our customers 100% satisfaction. Shipping + Handling not included.

We guarantee a 100% satisfaction of customer service. Any questions or concerns, we are more than happy to assist you. Please contact us directly to our Facebook page or email.

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Our company is a family home-based and online business in the High Desert, California. We fell in love with the beautiful lamps and oils, and we decided to make it part of our life. We provide the best customer service to you. It makes us happy to help each customer choose their favorite lamp to help decorate their home or office, including the best-scented oil for a fresh and relaxed environment.


We have unique scented oil lamps, electric & touch lamps of various sizes. We carry a variety of aromatic oils: strong, soft, tangy, sweet, & many more. These lamps may be used for decor, relaxation, and an aromatic atmosphere. Hablamos Español.

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